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Why choose us?

Test automation has become a core part of product development life cycle as it greatly reduces testing time without compromising on the quality of testing. DivIniSoft offers test automation services as part of its extensive testing strategy for software products and solutions.

Below is our typical approach for test automation:

  • Start with test strategy and design
  • Do initial round of manual testing to understand the use cases
  • Develop smoke and full regression automation test suites
  • Hook up automation tests with CI/CD process
  • Ensure high automation test coverage with all branches and corner cases covered
  • Ensure automation tests run in different environments
  • In-Sprint test automation – We do all of the above inside each sprint so that new features developed are automated right away

Being a prominent provider of test automation services, our test automation specialists have expertise in almost every automation technology, providing us the edge to stay ahead of our contemporaries. We have expertise in:

  • Backend/API Testing – JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, Postman, JMeter, SOATest, SoapUI, HP-UFT (formerly QTP)
  • Desktop Applications – QF Test, TestComplete, Marathon, Sikuli
  • Web UI – Selenium, Cucumber, QF Test, TestComplete, SauceLabs (Cross Browser Testing), Jasmine, Jest, Mocha
  • Mobile App – Appium, Cucumber, UIAutomator (Android), XCTest (iOS), Espresso
  • Mobile App Cloud Testing – Perfecto, SauceLabs, Firebase
  • Mocking Frameworks – Mockito, PowerMock, EasyMock

Our automation testing services provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in testing speed and efficiency
  • Elimination of repetitive manual testing
  • Increase in software quality
  • Optimization of resource utility
  • Reduction in cost of Quality Assurance (QA)

Our Core competencies

Experienced testers

We have a dedicated team of automation testers who have many years of automation experience in different domains testing different kinds of applications starting from Backend API's to Web and Mobile applications.

We listen and understand

Our expert team listens to your ideas and understands your business objectives. We look at where you stand currently with respect to test automation and then work on developing test automation strategy, prioritize accordingly.

We listen and understand

Our expert team listens to your ideas and understands your business objectives.

Cost efficient

We will work with you to automate the entire stack so that you have no regression bugs in production. This enables developers to push in new changes without worrying about whether the code change would break something and enables testers to certify the quality of software without much manual intervention.

Automation Skills

Out automation team has expertise in almost every automation technology. We are proficient in using various test automation tools such as JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, JMeter, Postman, Selenium, QFTest, Sikuli, TestComplete, Marathon, Jasmine, Jest, Mocha, Appium, XCTest, UIAutomator, Espresso etc.

Automation Skills

We are proficient in using various testing automation tools such as Selenium, Junit, TestNG, Jasmine, Appium, Robotium, Tellurium, etc.

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