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Why choose us?

With the scope of technology evolving everyday and financial securities becoming more complex, there has been a steady increase in the usage of mathematical or numerical models by financial software products. Quantitative Finance is used widely for portfolio and risk management.

Portfolio and Risk Management software platforms use quantitative finance as well. Releasing this software without proper quantitative testing is risky.

Well defined quantitative testing can help companies overcome such problems. At DivIniSoft, we have an experienced team of quantitative analysts who can help our clients in conducting effective quantitative testing of their financial software. To provide the best testing support for our clients, we ensure that our team of quantitative analysts selected by us are FRM or CFA certified.

Our quantitative analysts team can help in analytics and model validation of the portfolio/risk management software platforms. We can do independent testing of analytics and help in improving quality of analytics in your quant finance product.

Why Collaborate with Us for Quantitative Testing?

  • To improve the quality of analytics and models in your quant finance product
  • To possess well-defined quantitative testing processes that enable you to save cost and time
  • To have talented resources for your quantitative testing requirements

Our core competencies

Customizable solutions

We work with your team to understand your unique needs. We then develop a comprehensive quantitative testing strategy that suits all your business needs and customize solutions based on the requirement.

Early detection of errors

With our analytics/model validation, errors can be detected at an early stage during development, which guarantees a quality, timely release of the product and ensures there are no post production issues.

Well defined testing process

Starting with exploratory testing, we gradually progress towards testing every possible analytics. We add these tests to regression framework to make sure that validated analytics do not break in future.

Dedicated Quant Team

We have a dedicated team of quantitative analysts who understand finance domain and are FRM/CFA certified. They have many years of experience in improving quality of analytics in quant finance products.

Our Other services include

Functional Testing

Software Test Automation

Performance Testing