Our Services

Software Development

We have helped quantitative finance companies build enterprise scale, robust, quality financial software. We have the right mix of proficiency in understanding of quant finance domain and programming skills, required to build robust quantitative finance products. With extensive knowledge in Programming and Software Development, we at DivInisoft, have capabilities to support you in any custom development requirements you may have.

Quantitative Analytics Testing

To conduct effective quantitative testing of financial software, we at DivInisoft have quantitative analysts who can help our clients. Our Quantitative Analytics Testing team helps in verification of analytics in risk platform or in any quant finance product. In order to provide the best testing support for our clients, we have a great team of quantitative analysts and we ensure that the quantitative analysts in our team are FRM or CFA certified.

Financial Software Testing

At DivIniSoft, we have a good understanding of the quant finance domain. This positions us well to do software testing of quant finance products. Other than analytics testing, we also do end to testing of financial products starting from testing of REST API’s to Desktop/Web/Mobile app testing. We do manual, automation and performance testing of the entire product stack and help our clients in releasing quality financial software.

Why choose us?

Quant Domain and Technical Expertise
We are a group of software professionals with many years of Quant Finance Domain experience and experts in end to end software development, starting from Database to UI layer. We also specialize in manual, automation and performance testing of financial products.
Quantitative Testing
We have Quantitative Analysts who are FRM/CFA certified and have good understanding of finance domain. Our dedicated, experienced team of Quantitative Analysts follow well defined testing process and can help in validating/improving quality of analytics in your Quant Finance product.
Customizable IT Solutions
We understand that each organization is unique. We understand your business and focus on developing a comprehensive development/testing strategy for the product. We also specialize in customization and can work with your clients in customization of the product, based on their needs.
Cost effective and time efficient
We work alongside your team to build the financial software products you envision. We are meticulous in understanding your requirements and translating them into
superior quality products at low cost in a short timeframe. We enable you to go to market faster.

Are you a Quant Finance company looking for Quantitative Analysts or building a custom solution?