Build real time, specialized end to end solutions for efficient business processes

DivIniSoft helps health insurance companies build robust, efficient solutions for their unique challenges and needs, encompassing areas such as compliance management, risk management, governance, policy management, and audit management.

DivIniSoft’s comprehensive, end-to-end solutions helps health insurance companies streamline and automate processes across the enterprise. Our solutions offer you a wide range of capabilities that will allow you to develop and manage policies and procedures, plan audits, and resolve issues at a fast pace.

Why you should consider
Partnering with DiviniSoft

Minimize costs & enhance revenue opportunities

DivIniSoft will partner with you to design solutions that are designed to increase operational efficiencies, which directly results in decreased turnaround time and costs

Provide timely assistance to your customers

Ensuring customer satisfaction is critical. We enable health insurance providers to provide timely help to their customers. We ensure that their entire technology stack is aligned with their health plans

Meet customer needs
We help you devise solutions that enable you to help your customers select optimal health plans as well manage their information on an ongoing basis

Our Offerings

The health insurance industry is stepping into radical growth in the upcoming years. With constantly evolving market trends, it is more important than ever to give yourself competitive advantage by leveraging the power of software solutions catering to the health insurance industry. Are you a health insurance company looking to build your own software solutions? Contact us today.

Compliance management

DivIniSoft builds process-driven solutions for health insurance companies and brings together Business Process Analysis (BPA) and audit-proof workflows. We build solutions that serve as both risk management and strategic management tool.

We can help you design compliance management solutions that allow users to detect controls that are essential to ensure compliance by generating a regular schedule and measuring its effectiveness. The status reports are passed on to appropriate managerial authorities.

We also have the capability to develop a unique company-specific catalog, that complies faster with new laws and regulations, is cost-effective and drives value for your business.

Risk Management

We build Risk Management solutions that are geared to drive your business forward by offering you a complete view of risk specific to businesses so you can make informed decisions in an operationally effective manner.

We can help you build strategically adaptive risk management solutions with powerful analytics that help you take better underwriting decisions. Partnering with DivIniSoft gives you the added capabilities to build the right business centered solution for efficient management of your risk.

Governance Solutions

Solve your company’s specific governance needs efficiently by partnering with DivIniSoft to build governance solutions. Efficient governance solutions are designed to strengthen businesses by helping them adapt to new changes in the economy. The solutions built, helps businesses optimize their strategies by understanding their shareholder’s concerns and thereby crafting agendas that help in making informed decisions. Together, we can design automated functions that are built to easily integrate with your current processes.

Policy Management Solutions

We can help in building Policy Management solutions that allow companies to streamline complete policy management process and the communication around it. At DivIniSoft, we have the expertise required to help build policy management solutions that will help you understand current policies and versions which are in effect and to whom it is applicable.

Audit Management

Audit management software supports every type of audit – internal, external, operational, IT, etc. Partner with DivIniSoft to design audit management software that will feature end-to-end functionalities and manage the complete audit lifecycle right from planning to reviewing audit recommendations. We can work alongside your team to build software that helps auditors and management professionals work in tandem by providing the concerned management teams with consistent data that measures effectiveness of the audit system, while all auditors are provided tools they need to be successful at their job. We can also harness our expertise to ensure that the audit management solutions are equipped with integrated tracking systems and a powerful workflow engine to carefully automate every step in audit lifecycle.


Why choose us

Harnessing DivIniSoft’s expertise to create custom health insurance solutions is bound to boost productivity and efficiency across various business operations. We work closely with health insurance companies to craft solutions that are built to address the needs of the health insurance industry and meet the unique demands of each insurance marketplace.

We understand your requirements
We know how important it is for your organization to address specific challenges. Our highest priority is always to take the time to understand them, just like you do for your customers. Having worked with several health insurance companies, we are also equipped with a broad vision of the solutions your company may require
Custom solutions
While there are challenges that are common to most health insurance companies, we recognize that there are several requirements that are unique to each company. We work alongside your team to devise a solution that will enable you to provide the right products to your customers. We help you design products that are tailored for your optimal customer segments and greatly reduce time to market
Extensive experience
Our experience in the health insurance industry spans across various health insurance products, particularly Facets, Diamond, Xcelys, QNXT, EPIC etc. We can work with your team to customize, extend, implement and test any of these health insurance products
Dedicated team
The team at DivIniSoft is committed to support your needs and enable your success. We deliver everything you will require in order to transact business without any glitches and ensure customer delight. Our goal is to provide you with future oriented software solutions, that address the needs of today, while also being easy to scale for the future

Are you a health insurance company looking to build your own software solutions?